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Hi! I'm Madeleine, a Product Designer.

I'm currently working as a Product Designer at Benevity 🦋 where I'm designing and researching for the Benevity Mobile App. Welcome!

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About Me -

I’m a Product Designer who is passionate about human-centred and accessible design, advocating for the user at every step of the design process. I don’t see myself as just a UX or UI designer; rather a Product Designer, who works on creating an inclusive product that always originates from user research.

I'm currently at Benevity designing the Spark Mobile app which inspires users to make donations on the go, track volunteer time and complete social missions.

Although most people know me as a Product Designer, I'm also an electric guitar player, chef and amateur climber. 🎸 🍳 🧗‍♀️

My Work

Volunteer Activity

Benevity App

Improving the volunteering experience on the Benevity app from signing up to tracking time.

Responsive Workspace

WriteWay Writer

Responsive Design System for WriteWay Writer's Workspace feature that outlines breakpoints from Desktop to Mobile.

Billing History

WriteWay Writer

Designed a solution to provide users with an easy way to find the billing history.

Symptom Relief

Clue App

The Symptom Relief feature allows Clue users to check and monitor their symptoms related to menstruation and pregnancy.

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