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Hi! I'm Madeleine, a UX/UI Designer and Researcher.

I'm currently working as a Product Designer at Benevity 🦋 where I'm designing and researching for their Mobile App.

Welcome! 👋

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About Me -

I began my journey as a Designer when I was studying Marketing at Simon Fraser University and took a graphic design class as an elective. I continue to love the creative process of Graphic Design but have shifted from pencils to wireframes, where I now use visuals to create user-centered experiences. 

Although most people know me as a UX Designer, I'm also an electric guitar player, chef and amateur trail runner. 🎸 🍳 🏃‍♀️

My Work

Responsive Workspace

WriteWay Writer

Responsive Design System for WriteWay Writer's Workspace feature that outlines breakpoints from Desktop to Mobile.

Billing History

WriteWay Accounts

The Billing History feature allows WriteWay users to monitor their previous purchases and check PDF  invoices.

Responsive Account

WriteWay Accounts

Responsive Design System for the WriteWay Account pages, from Profile to Payment and Subscriptions. 

Coming Soon!

Symptom Relief

Clue App

The Symptom Relief feature allows Clue users to check and monitor their symptoms related to menstruation and pregnancy.

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