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Logo Design

Intersection Digital Ltd.

This logo was created for the digital marketing consulting firm, Intersection Digital Ltd. Intersection Digital was rebranding its website and wanted a new logo that would complement the site. 


Process & Tools

Before starting my design, I started to sketch some concepts that I felt were well related to the company. Using themes symbols for intersecting objects, roads and technology, I started to visualize the ideas I was brainstorming. By sketching, it allows me to visualize my ideas efficiently, without getting caught up on details early on.



2018-10-14 08-19-1.jpg
2018-10-14 08-19-4.jpg

Sketches of potential logo ideas.

My first prototype consists of a folding shape, that appears as two shapes intersecting one another. I used blue and grey to stay consistent with the design of the website and used simple shapes to keep a modern appearance. By adding a white line through the middle it gives the effect of an intersecting road, which associates well with the company, Intersection Digital.


My design process often looks like this; I take one idea that I like and do hundreds of different versions of it. Whether it be colours, line work, shapes, I try to keep my options open.


This idea was inspired by a pin on a map, except that pin is on the intersection of a road. I also was inspired by using a pin, because it can look like the letter "I," for 'Intersection'. The versatility of the logo was especially important here, due to the fact that Intersection Digital was on many different platforms. Whether it be rectangle from for the header of a website, or a circle for the Instagram profile image, I wanted to ensure it was possible in several forms.


My colour choices were to use dark grey and blue, which stay consistent with the new website. By using a dark background, the road completes itself into a shape and the blue pin makes a statement.


Using a single concept, created several prototypes with different

shapes and styles.

Design Challenges

This project was a learning experience for me, as I really had to ensure the logo was versatile and functioned well for several platforms. For a company that manages and consults on digital media, it was crucial that their logo performed well for all of their own social media accounts. It was difficult to create a logo that could be a circle for Instagram, a square for Facebook and a long rectangle for their website. The first prototype worked well for the web because it was wide but small in height, however, did not work as well in square dimensions. 




Changing the orientation of text to problem solve versatility problem.

Solution & Reflection


Final logo samples without text.

By keeping a simple logo, with a darker background, it can be clear to the viewer, whether on their computer or smartphone. I decided to change the logo to include the intersection within another shape, so that it could be flexible and I could change the dimensions of the background easily. This way, it becomes a versatile logo without the road and pin icon being distorted. 




Final logo with text.

I feel this logo was successful due to its ability to associate well with the company name and stay consistent with the brand of Intersection Digital's new website. The logo is versatile and can be easily used upon several platforms. This project taught me the importance of a functioning logo, not just a visually appealing logo. 



Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 12.34.40

New Intersection Digital website developed by Jordan Klassen with the new logo designed by myself.

Billing History

WriteWay Accounts

The Billing History feature allows WriteWay users to monitor their previous purchases and check PDF  invoices.

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