After Effects, Illustrator

Trace Beverages

Collaborated with

Dossier Creative

These vector animations were completed in collaboration with Dossier Creative for Trace Beverages, through Intersection Digital. These animations, created in After Effects, promoted their Revitalizing Hydration and their Revitalizing Water on their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram.


Process & Tools

For this project, I was given completed storyboards by Dossier Creative to use for my graphics and movements. Using the storyboards as a reference, I would either create an object in Adobe Illustrator and import it to After Effects or create a shape directly in After Effects. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 3.55.39 PM.png

An example of a slide

from the Dossier storyboard.

asset 381_medium.png

The Illustrator objects created for After Effects, based on the storyboard.

Design Challenges

While creating my first prototype in After Effects, I realized the challenge in creating videos that are usable across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Due to requiring a square frame for Instagram, I needed to remain in those boundaries. Another key detail I had to keep in mind was staying consistent with Trace Beverages branding, such as typeface and colours.


In addition to these considerations, I felt my first prototype was slow and lacking the 'snap' that is required to keep the viewer interested. Between Intersection Digital and Trace, we also discussed changing the intro and outro to something more quick and bolder. 

First prototype for one of the concepts.

Solution & Reflection

After receiving feedback from Intersection Digital and Trace Beverages, we decided to shorten the transitions and start the video right away to capture the viewer. In addition to some other minor edits, I was able to create a quick and colourful video for their social media accounts. I think the success in these videos came from collaborating as a team and coming up with a solution not only consistent with the brand but easily viewed from all platforms. By using simple graphics and maintaining a focus on the product, I feel I made three successful animations that well represent Trace Beverages.